This massage is performed at JASMIN SPA with HOT STONE and ESSENTIAL OIL only for this process. HOT STONE Body Massage is a therapy that helps the body recover energy from work, stress or changing weather.

Effects of hot stone body therapy:

– Blood circulation: Increases the blood circulation of the body.

– Improves skin: Smoothes, firms, and eliminates toxins.

– Hot stone used in the massage is the one is taken from the volcanic crater, will be placed on the acupuncture points of the body to help relieve stress, pain. You will completely immersed into pleasant space, aroma of essential oils spreading in the space makes you completely forget the stress of work, life.

– Hot stone massage is one of the best method in HEALTH THERAPY.

– Hot stone energy combined with essential oil will offer the highest health treatment effect.

– The use of stones from RARE NATURAL PRESENTS in the modern RELAXATION METHODS helps the customer WAKE UP ALL SENS and increasing the power.

– The energy from hot stone, combined with professional technology, you will have an experience in a completely different process at JASMIN SPA.


Skin care is an indispensa6ble step in the objective of SKIN CLEANSING and providing the nutrients that make the skin radiant.

With all products from nature, we propose you the highest level of skin care, nutrients absorbed into the skin to help moisturize, brighten, whiten and anti-aging skin.

The rare essences, and vitamins extracts make the skin is nourished from the inside, more toned and bright.

Our intensive massage techniques help to prevent wrinkles, rejuvenation, provide nutrients, and give customers a smooth skin.

The skin purifying ingredient is in the mask will help the skin MAKING YOUNG AGAIN, and PORE TIGHTENING.

At the JASMIN SPA, customers will be immersed in luxurious, quiet space with dedicated staffs who will give you the best care from smallest things.

With premium packages combined with  AROMATHERAPY OIL, we ensure that you will be satisfied after every care at the spa.


Legs often have to “assume" the weight of the body, which is in contact with the ground so it is important and need to be well cared for.

With a package combining all of the intensive foot cares, it will help customers against fatigue, joint pain, cold hands.

Body scrubs combine massage HOT STONE.

Foot scrub is one of the most effective treatments for making foot skin smooth.

Foot acupressure with TOUCH, PRESS, SCRUB, hot stone, foot massage, blood circulation.

Foot massage is an effective way to protect your feet and your health.

Relax and be immersed in luxury space with a team of professional technicians.

Guests will enjoy relaxing moments at the spa.

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